IAF Inspektionen för arbetslöshetsförsäkringen

The Swedish Unemployment Insurance Funds

Today there are 24 different unemployment insurance funds in Sweden. Their mission is to administrate the Swedish unemployment insurance and are therefore responsible for determining if you meet the conditions for unemployment benefits and if you do, they calculate and pay out the benefit.

To apply for unemployment benefit you should contact your unemployment insurance fund. If you are not a member of any unemployment fund, you should contact either a fund within your field of activity or profession, or The Alfa Unemployment Insurance Fund.

There’s also a federation called the Swedish federation of unemployment insurance funds (Sveriges a-kassor) that is serving the interest of, and provide services to, Sweden’s unemployment insurance funds. As an example this includes developing their IT systems and supporting them in interpreting the laws of the unemployment insurance.

In the list below you find links to the unemployment insurance funds in Sweden and to Sveriges a-kassor.